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Academy of Sciences Acetabularia mediterranea aerodynamics aircraft alcohol algae Altai ancient DNA antiquities archaeology bacteria bacteriophage bacteriophages Baikal beam biodiversity biomolecules biosynthesis borreliosis Budker Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics SB RAS caldera CERN charged particle accelerators Chinggis Khan climate colliding beams Denisova Cave Denisovan diagnostics diamond diamonds diatoms DNA DNA repair Earth electron electron cooling elementary particles enzymes ethnography Eurasian steppes evolution excavations expedition FEL field free electron laser fuel gas gas hydrates gene transfer genes genome genomics geology Gerhard Friedrich Mueller Gmelin Gorny Altai hemagglutinin history of science hominid hominines hot springs infection influenza virus Institute of Nuclear Physics Irkutsk Kamchatka Khanty kimberlites kumis Lake Baikal Large Hadron Collider life microorganisms Milichrom Miller mitochondrial DNA Mongolia nanostructures nanotechnology Neanderthal neuraminidase Noin-Ula nomads North Mongolia Novosibirsk State University nuclear DNA nucleic acid nucleic acids oil Okladnikov opisthorchiasis paleogenetics particle accelerators Pazyryk Pazyryk culture phage therapy plasma population genetics power engineering primitive man protein reproduction RNA SB RAS science Second Kamchatka expedition shaman shamanism shock wave Siberia Siberian Branch silica Spirogyra sponges SR Steller subduction synchrotron radiation tectonics ticks transgenic animals transgenic mice Ukok Ukok plateau Ukok Plateau undulator vaccine virus vodka volcanism water wife wiggler wine winter woman mummy Xiongnu Yakutia золото лак Монголия нефрит Ноин-Ула погребение раскопки Укок “frozen” graves