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Sustainable Development: A Lesson from Valentin Koptyug We Are Yet to Learn

... is relevant to their daily lives. This year's theme is ‘Science for a Sustainable Future’ to highlight the role of science in attaining the sustainable development agenda. In this context, we would like to recall the contribution of  Valentin A. Koptyug , an outstanding Russian scientist, teacher, and public leader, to the promotion of the ideas of sustainable development in Russia and worldwide Science support for environmental protection was an area of constant concern for Koptyug. He consistently ...

Modified: 12.11.2015
Koptyug , UNESCO , sustainable development , environmental protection , Baikal
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Lessons from Koptyug

It is easy to write about Valentin A. Koptyug. A brilliant scientist, an excellent organizer of science, a world famous specialist in global problems of the Earth, an excellent lecturer. Even a few of these personality traits can inspire a celebratory portrait of this scientist. At the same ...

Modified: 10.04.2012
Academy of Sciences , Siberian Branch , Koptyug , sustainable development , environmental protection
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