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Oil: Heroes of Our Past... and Present. Academician Trofimuk: Siberia Floats on Oil

... subsequent search for oil fields was not successful. In West Siberia, on the contrary, the first oil gusher spouted as late as in 1960, but the next year deposits that became the “oil and gas basis” of this province were discovered. Today, it is West Siberia that has the largest oil and gas production base both of Russia and of the entire world. And the fate of East Siberia, a region with the so-called “complicated geology”, is also complicated. Nevertheless, Andrei Trofimuk had faith in East Siberia.” A. Trofimuk: “…in ...

Modified: 25.06.2007
Trofimuk , oil , gas , oil and gas production , Siberia , East Siberia
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