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New Siberian Archaeology

... ethnocultural concept of the origin, development, and historical fate of representatives of the Pazyryk culture, who occupied the Gorny Altai in the Early Iron Age. Research within the framework of interdisciplinary programs has shown that the prospects of Siberian archaeology depend on its collaboration with natural and exact sciences, which is provided by the general strategy of science integration as a basis of SB RAS work laid by the founder of the Siberian Branch M. A. Lavrent’ev. M. V. Shun’kov, doctor ...

Modified: 25.04.2007
Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography SB RAS , archaeology , Siberia
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Discovery of Siberia

The first people came to the territory of Siberia more than half a million years ago and by the end of the Ancient Stone Age they populated the whole Northern Asia. It is the ancient age and the level of development of Siberian Paleolithic cultures that makes it possible for us to speak about ...

Modified: 30.01.2005
Siberia , expedition , archaeology
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