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New Nucleic Acid Analogs: A Potential “Medicine for Genes”

... luck in the scientific world) to discover a new class of nucleic acid analogs tat are absent in the natural world, which can be the core of efficient gene-targeted drugs Because of their ability to form complementary complexes with nucleic acids, phosphoryl guanidine oligonucleotides… Stop there! Most likely, this phrase would be just gibberish for a broad audience (much to the regret of molecular biologists). Moreover, I recently spoke on occasion with an aspiring science journalist, who answered ...

Modified: 04.09.2015
DNA , phosphoryl guanidine , nucleic acids , oligonucleotides
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Phosphoryl Guanidines: New Chemical Analogues of Nucleic Acids

... treating diseases by using derivatives of nucleic acids. Today, the legacy of Grineva and Knorre has enabled their modern successors to get their bit of luck. Recently, Novosibirsk chemists have synthesized a new class of nucleic acid analogues, namely, phosphoryl guanidines (Kupryushkin, Pyshnyi, and Stetsenko, 2014). When an unloaded rifle fires a shot What is similar and what is different between common nucleic acids and phosphoryl guanidines? A natural DNA or RNA molecule contains negatively charged ...

Modified: 30.08.2015
DNA , oligonucleotide analogs , phosphoryl guanidine
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