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The Echo of Shaman’s Tambourines

Shamanism is one of the most ancient religious systems. Underlying it is belief in spirits and the possibility of contacting them. The middleman between the human world and the invisible, transcendental world of spirits is the central figure of shamanism....

Modified: 15.12.2011
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Churima for a White Shaman

... most Christianized peoples of the North thanks to the active missionary policy conducted by the Orthodox Church. At the same time, they preserved traditional rituals and beliefs: hunting and fishing cults, worshipping the spirits-masters of nature, and shamanism. The Evenks’ main traditional occupations are nomadic deer-breeding, hunting, and fishing. From: (PEOPLES of RUSSIA project, www.narodru.ru) In the traditional Evenk culture, burial rituals take a central place. Worshipping the dead and ...

Modified: 15.12.2011
burial , Evenks , shamanism , ceremonies , sacrificial deer
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Cuckoo the Informer and Fly Agaric the Communicator

No phenomenon of folk culture gives rise to such various, often mutually exclusive, opinions as shamanism. The only thing on which all scholars – native and foreign; modern and of the past; medicine men, ethnographers and cultural studies specialists – agree is that shamanism is based on belief in spirits. The sources of this belief are in ancient ...

Modified: 22.12.2010
shaman , shamanism , shamanistic ritual , tambourine , spirits , shamanistic attributes , tampon
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The Kolyma Shaitans: Legends and Reality

... food was thrown into the fire and the idol was held above it. This feeding of the idol… was committed before each meal.” (V. I. Jochelson, 2005, pp. 236—237) The idol was kept by the children of the dead shaman. One of them was inducted into the shamanism mysteries while his father was still alive. The idol was carried in a wooden box. Sometimes, in line with the air burial ritual, the box was erected on poles or trees, and the idol was taken out only before hunting or a long journey so that ...

Modified: 22.12.2010
Yukagirs , shamanism , shaitan
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The Story of a Shaman Drum

.... Whether my father got it from the Selsoviet (village Soviet), or Kondrat himself gave or sold (drank away, to be more exact) it to him I don’t know. Given the overall picture of those years, this act would not look too blasphemous. In the 1920s, shamanism in the Altai blossomed but when collectivization started, the Altai natives began to abandon their faith in great numbers. They stopped sacrificing domestic animals and hang their hides on poles (such a hide with a skull – taelga – is an ...

Modified: 30.08.2010
Altai , shamanism , drums , G.M. Kozintsev , L.Z. Trauberg , cinema , Alone
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