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Siberian Old Believers: History in Costume

... exhibits is collections made in compact communities of indigenous nationalities and Russian settlers on the initiative of Academician A. P. Okladnikov in the 1960s-1980s... ... Dvoyedany , Kurgany ), and old settlers ( Kerzhaki , Poliaki , Semeiskiye ). The Altai “Poles” (Poliaki) were descendants of Russian Old Believers who, in the late... ... various Central European regional traditions. A clear demonstration of this fact is ethnic costume, a true center of people’s artistic taste and their spiritual, religious...

Modified: 30.08.2009
Altai , Zabaikalie (Trans-Baikal region) , Siberian old believers , Russian settlers , Poliaki , Semeiskiye , ethnic costume , folk costume , pinafore dress
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