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The mummy continues to reveal secrets

... and Experimental Lymphology), Candidate of Medicine E.A. Letyagina (Institute of Clinical and Experimental Lymphology) References Letyagin A.Y., Savelov A.A, and Polosmak N.V. High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging of a Mummy from AkAlakha-3 Mound 1, Ukok Plateau, Gorny Altai: Findings and Interpretations .// Archaeology, Ethnology and Anthropology of Eurasia. 2014. V. 42. N. 4. P. 83—91. For more details about the excavations on the Ukok Plateau see the book The Riders of Ukok by N.V. Polosmak Новость обычная

Modified: 02.03.2017
“frozen” graves , Altai , Ukok Plateau , Pazyryk , Pazyryk culture , MRI , woman mummy , Gorny Altai , Ukok
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The Ukok Female Warrior Has Changed Sex # New paleogenetic data on the bearers of the Pazyryk culture (Gorny Altai)

Twenty-five years ago, the discovery of an ancient Pazyryk paired burial on the Ukok Plateau in the Altai Mountains, home of the famous Altai Princess, gave birth to the hypothesis about the Altai Amazons. Anthropologists were convinced that the burial contained remains of a girl aged 16 to 17, although they always emphasized her “unfeminine” features....

Modified: 01.12.2015
Amazon , Ukok , Altai , Altai Mountains , Pazyryk culture , Pazyryk , anthropology , paleogenetics , Ak-Alakha 1 , weapons
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