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The Ukok Female Warrior Has Changed Sex # New paleogenetic data on the bearers of the Pazyryk culture (Gorny Altai)

... rewritten the evolution of mankind, and now they are beginning to address other “dark spots,” such as gender identification for samples of skeletal remains and the degree of kinship of those buried in collective graves. However, we should not say that paleogenetics offers an infallible and absolute solution for all the unresolved problems in archaeology. Although today they have closed the romantic story of an Altai warrior girl from Ak-Alakha 1 burial mound 1, there is a new mystery of “life and death,” which scientists have yet to resolve. References Molodin V.I. et al. Naselenie Gornogo Altaya v epokhu rannego zheleznogo veka kak etnokul'turnyi fenomen: ...

Modified: 01.12.2015
Amazon , Ukok , Altai , Altai Mountains , Pazyryk culture , Pazyryk , anthropology , paleogenetics , Ak-Alakha 1 , weapons
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