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The First Researchers of the Altai Caves

... Paleontological depositary of the Moscow Naturalist Association, while others were deposited in the Museum of the Mining University. The systematic description of the Mining University’s collection provides the following taxonomic classification of the Altai paleofauna (Pander and Zembnitski, 1833): Quadriped mammals. Pachyderms: rhinoceros (molars), horse (teeth, mandible fragments, extremity fragments). Regurgitating animals: deer (cranium fragment, teeth, fragmented mandible with teeth, carpus bones, pelvis fragment). Carnivores: hyena (mandible fragments with teeth, canine ...

Modified: 30.10.2006
Altai , Alei , Tigirek , Charysh , fossil animals , mammoth , rhinoceros , skull , Peter Simon Pallas , Denisova Cave
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