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From Arctida to the Present-Day Arctic

... Russian]. Vernikovsky V. A., Metelkin D. V., Tolmacheva T. Yu. et al. On the problem of paleotectonic reconstructions in the Arctic and the tectonic unity of the terrain of the New Siberian Islands: new paleomagnetic and paleontological data // Dokl. ... ... 423–429 [in Russian]. Vernikovsky V. A., Morozov A. F., Petrov O. V., et al. New data on the age of dolerites and basalts of the Mendeleev Rise (the Arctic Ocean) //Dokl. Ross. Akad. Nauk. 2014. Vol. 454. N 4. pp. 431–435 [in Russian]. Glebovsky V. Yu., Kaminsky V. D., Minakov ...

Modified: 30.08.2015
Arctic , Arctic Ocean , geology of the Arctic region , Arctida , paleogeodynamic reconstruction , continental shelf , Lomonosov Ridge , Mendeleev Rise
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