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From Arctida to the Present-Day Arctic

... Precambrian basement within the bounds of the New Siberian terrane since, at least, the early Ordovician (early Paleozoic) (Vernikovsky et al. , 2013). Using these data in combination with the key paleo-poles data for the continental plates of the circum Arctic Ocean margins made up by Laurentia (North America), Baltica (Eastern Europe) and Siberia has allowed for plate tectonic reconstructions that represent a record of positions of the continents and terranes amalgamated into the Arctida paleocontinent in the late Precambrian—late Paleozoic time period between 950–250 million  years. The illustration represents only two of the 14 reconstructions that match the configuration of the Arctida blocks existent 950 and 250 million ...

Modified: 30.08.2015
Arctic , Arctic Ocean , geology of the Arctic region , Arctida , paleogeodynamic reconstruction , continental shelf , Lomonosov Ridge , Mendeleev Rise
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