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Budker’s Universe

... which does not exist on our planet. However, the most ­important of his inventions was, perhaps, the Round Table, an instrument with which he built a most extraordinary ­creative team from perfectly ordinary people A. Melik-Pashaeva, 2008 Today, BINP is not only a major academic institute of Russia – ​it is one of the world’s leading centers in elementary particle physics, accelerators, synchrotron radiation, free-electron lasers, plasma physics, and controlled thermonuclear fusion....

Modified: 27.04.2018
Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics SB RAS , Budker , BINP , SB RAS
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Twenty Billion Positrons in One Shot!

In December 2015, the  Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics  (BINP, Novosibirsk) commissioned the VEPP-5 injection complex, which is the first part of the VEPP-5 accelerator. The injection complex is expected to boost the productivity of the existing colliders at the BINP and become an important step towards the ...

Modified: 14.01.2016
BINP , Large Hadron Collider , injection complex , VEPP-5 , beam , synchrotron radiation
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