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The Baikal Museum: A Participation Effect

Construction of a new large-scale exposition displaying the development of life during abiotic changes on Earth has been completed at the Baikal Museum of the Irkutsk Scientific Center, the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences The main goals of the Baikal Museum are to prepare, describe, and present numerous collections as well as to disseminate ecological knowledge. Subject-based ...

Modified: 22.08.2012
Baikal , Baikal Museum
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Creating a Live Picture

The main character of this issue is “the glorious sea, sacred Baikal”. Lake Baikal keeps lots of mysteries; Baikal itself is the greatest enigma. You will learn how these enigmas are being unraveled from the new rubric “Siberia’s Natural Phenomena”. The rubric is devoted to the most ancient lake on the planet. “Two weeks ago a really historic event took place in the Baikal region: a demonstration aquarium with forced Baikal water feed, which is inhabited by Baikal organisms was opened at the...

Modified: 30.05.2004
Lake Baikal , museum , Baikal Museum
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