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The First Researchers of the Altai Caves

... affinity). Rodents: marmot (crania, mandibles, teeth); hamster (crania, mandibles, teeth). Chiroptera: pipistrelle (bat pelvis). Birds (bones of small birds, no precise taxonomic identification). In 1834, a special geological survey was executed in the Altai in order to evaluate the natural resources of Lake Teletskoe. G. P. Helmersen, a renowned Russian geologist and head of this expedition, examined the Chagyr caves in the Charysh valley and made a detailed description of topographic and geologic features of these caves. He also classified the fossils that were recovered from the caves and identified such extinct species as a cave bear, wooly rhinoceros and cave hyena (Helmersen,...

Modified: 30.10.2006
Altai , Alei , Tigirek , Charysh , fossil animals , mammoth , rhinoceros , skull , Peter Simon Pallas , Denisova Cave
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