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Traces of Chinese Chariot

... rulers chányú. The purpose of making such presents was to weaken the people of Xiongnu and make them dependent on the Han Empire by introducing them to the temptations of a higher material culture. Such policy resulted in a considerable number of Chinese chariots crossing the steppe back and forth. Their images can be seen carved in the rock in the mountains in Mongolia (Novgorodova, p. 192—206), while their fragile remnants have been preserved in many elite burials excavated before (in Kondratievsk mound 7; in Noin-Ula mounds 25 and 6; in the mound 7 in Tzaram burial ground; in the mound 1 at Gol-Mod burial ...

Modified: 19.04.2013
Mongolia , Noin-Ula burial , Xiongnu , archaeological excavation , Chinese chariot
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