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Mongolia: "… A Call from Afar Awakes My Soul"

... less than 10 % of the national population. When you see the unsophisticated life Mongols lead, these eternal herds, and the harmonious blend of the people and the environment, it springs to mind that, in fact, so little has changed since the times of Chinggis Khan (except cities). Satellite dishes and solar batteries made in China do not disrupt this harmony but add a certain degree of piquancy to the picture. A Mongol and his horse never part. We witnessed this more than once, and could not help ...

Modified: 30.04.2008
Mongolia , Chinggis Khan
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Under the Banner of Chinggis Khan

A legendary military leader, the founder of the great Mongol empire who stands among the greatest conquerors along with Alexander, Caesar and Napoleon. Who doesn’t know him? And though for many of our contemporaries Chinggis Khan is no more than a mythical character from the distant past, for the greater part of the Mongolian world his name is a major component of the modern ethnic culture. The words “Chinggis Khan” and “Mongol empire” have become mythologemes: ...

Modified: 25.02.2007
Chinggis Khan , Edzhen Khoro , Mongolia , nomads , Eurasian steppes
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Invincible Army of the Mongolian Empire

... peoples; among them were belligerent nomad tribes, battle-tested and well-armed troops. But the unconquerable Mongolian whirl swept these troops over the northern and western regions of the Great Steppe, subdued them, and they had to join the troops of Chinggis Khan and his progeny. Armies of the largest states of the Middle and Far East, whose sizes were greater and whose arms were most advanced for that time, as well as armies of the states of Western Asia, Eastern and Central Europe, succumbed to ...

Modified: 25.02.2007
Mongols , Chinggis Khan , army , empire , nomads , Eurasian steppes
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Warriors and Cattle-Breeders of the Great Steppe

... connected with allocation of large groups of people, pastures and cattle. The aggravating political situation and frequent skirmishes signaled an urgent need for making the economy, spontaneous until then, more regulated. It was not by accident that later Chinggis Khan had to introduce, along with the notion of “custom”, the notion of “law”.  With the optimal characteristics of nomadic economy in mind, we can evaluate the anthropogenic impact on the Great Steppe back in those times....

Modified: 25.02.2007
Chinggis Khan , Great Steppe , nomads , Eurasian steppes
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The Place of Our Last Dwelling Should Be Here

... mid-sessionals. The idea to make acquaintance with written documents in which data of the Great Khan’s life and death could be found made him spend his winter holidays at the library. In spring of the same year, the article “Where is the grave of Chinggis Khan?” was published in Logos, a local faculty wall paper. For more than a week it attracted crowds of students. It was the first and the last “publication” of the article. In the following 16 years its versions sent to Mongolia ...

Modified: 25.02.2007
Chinggis Khan , Burhan-Khaldun , burial site , Rashid ad-Din , Onon , Kerulen , Mongolia , nomads , Eurasian steppes
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Cities Built by... Nomads

... The first brief evidence on Mongol cities can be found in medieval travel notes left by educated people who made a journey to various uluses of the Mongol empire. The famous Venetian Marco Polo visited the Mongol empire during the reign of Khubilai, Chinggis Khan’s grandson, when the political and economic center of the empire had shifted from Mongolia to China. In his book he gives a short description of Kharakhorum, probably based on the stories told to him by his father and uncle. The sources ...

Modified: 25.02.2007
Chinggis Khan , Mongolia , Central Asia , nomadic empires , nomadic peoples , ancient Mongolian cities , nomads , Eurasian steppes
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