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Mongolia: "… A Call from Afar Awakes My Soul"

... grandfathers used to do, that is, using camels or yaks. In the old days, Mongolia had 700 monasteries; now, there are much fewer of them. The monastery of Erdene-Dzu is one of the most ancient in Mongolia. It is considered to have been built at the place of Mongolia’s 13th century formidable capital—the city of Kharakhorum founded by Chinggis Khan in 1220. In 1586 Khalkhi Abtai-Khan ordered to build a Buddhist monastery opposite the former site of the city. As Mongolia’s first monastery was being erected, a lot of construction materials were taken from Kharakhorum ruins “A traveler,...

Modified: 30.04.2008
Mongolia , Chinggis Khan
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Under the Banner of Chinggis Khan

... Today the banners of Chinggis Khan — traditional sacred symbols of the Mongolians — are kept in the Palace of Government and in the Ministry of Defense of the Mongolian Republic. Another act of creation of a sacred center for the new post-socialist Mongolia was reconstruction of Chinggis Khan’s banners — Khara sülde (Black banner) with four bunchuks and Tsagaan sülde (White banner) with eight bunchuks. Today these containers of Chinggis Khan’s charisma are objects of worship and symbols of unity of the Mongolian nation....

Modified: 25.02.2007
Chinggis Khan , Edzhen Khoro , Mongolia , nomads , Eurasian steppes
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The Place of Our Last Dwelling Should Be Here

... gives us data of Chinggis Khan’s burial (Rashid ad-Din, 1952, pp. 158—159; 233—235). According to Rashid ad-Din, the Great Khan died during the siege of the Tangut capital Zhong Xing (located on the territory of modern China) by the Mongolian troops. Chinggis Khan was seriously ill and considered his decease inevitable. He told his favorites not to spread the word about his death, but to do away with the tsar and inhabitants of Tangut when they left the city at the appointed time. The day before Chinggis ...

Modified: 25.02.2007
Chinggis Khan , Burhan-Khaldun , burial site , Rashid ad-Din , Onon , Kerulen , Mongolia , nomads , Eurasian steppes
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Cities Built by... Nomads

... The first brief evidence on Mongol cities can be found in medieval travel notes left by educated people who made a journey to various uluses of the Mongol empire. The famous Venetian Marco Polo visited the Mongol empire during the reign of Khubilai, Chinggis Khan’s grandson, when the political and economic center of the empire had shifted from Mongolia to China. In his book he gives a short description of Kharakhorum, probably based on the stories told to him by his father and uncle. The sources testify that in 1235 the great Khan erected a wall around the city and constructed the Van-an-gun ...

Modified: 25.02.2007
Chinggis Khan , Mongolia , Central Asia , nomadic empires , nomadic peoples , ancient Mongolian cities , nomads , Eurasian steppes
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