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Venus as possible future of the Earth

In April 2016, I gave a brief lecture course on geodynamics at Moscow State University. The final lecture was devoted to the evolution of the Earth and other planets of the Solar System. One of the audience asked if the Earth might one day have an atmosphere similar to the modern atmosphere of Venus, which is known to have a most peculiar—very hot (up to 450 °C) and dense—atmosphere composed ...

Modified: 13.12.2016
Venus , Earth , planet evolution , life evolution , bacteria , climate , atmosphere , volcanism
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4 E’s of Our Life. Comments to the monograph by Robert Nigmatulin

... Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Based on that report, the debate, and on my previous works (Global Changes..., 2001; Dobretsov, 2013; etc.), I would like to highlight some inaccuracies and unresolved problems: (a) The climate change on the Earth comes from the interaction of the three external geospheres, i.e., atmosphere, hydrosphere (oceans), and cryosphere, which is influenced by the processes in the solid Earth (in particular, volcanism) and external factors (solar radiation intensity)....

Modified: 17.12.2015
Nigmatullin , ecology , energy sector , economy , ethnos , climate , trends , Earth
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The Planet's Long Youth

... find the crossopterygians much more impressive living samples of the fossil world than the fine filaments of blue-green spirulinas, though the latter, modest cyanobacteria, have remained true to themselves through the billion-years long history of the Earth… Any general problem concerning the origin and mode of life of the earliest biota is sure to lead scientists, whatever be their field, to microbiology, the science that studies the first Earth’s inhabitants who left their signature in the ...

Modified: 30.05.2005
Zavarzin , bacteria , RNA , Earth , biomass , eukaryotes , evolution , evolution of life , genes
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In Praise of Catastrophes

Rocks that formed in place of ancient seas and continents, the stone pages of the Earth’s history, store a unique natural record of its remote and near past. This archive keeps signature of the billion years-long way of the Earth’s organic world from primeval microbial communities to humans, the evolution acme. The life evolution ...

Modified: 30.05.2004
Earth , organisms , life , ecosystem , evolution , Ordovician , biosphere
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