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Maybe-Bag and Let It Be. Ecological Crisis in Lake Baikal: A Mystery of the Century

.... V. et al. Nearshore benthic blooms of filamentous green algae in Lake Baikal // J. Great Lakes Res. 2014. V. 40. P. 441—448. Timoshkin, O. A., Samsonov, D. P., Yamamuro, M. et al. Rapid ecological change in the coastal zone of Lake Baikal (East Siberia): Is the site of the world’s greatest freshwater biodiversity in danger? // J. Great Lakes Res. 2016. V. 42. N. 3. P. 487—497 Vashchenko B. Aliens in Baikal // National Geographic Russia. 2015. N. 146. 6 p. [in Russian]. This publication ...

Modified: 31.08.2016
Lake Baikal , East Siberia , coast eutrophication , Spirogyra
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Oil: Heroes of Our Past... and Present. Academician Trofimuk: Siberia Floats on Oil

... production of coal, and more than 90 % in the production of gas! Unique Siberian reserves of most important natural energy carriers will remain Russia’s major sources of energy supply for many future decades. Great hydrocarbon reserves in West and East Siberia were discovered in the second half of the past century with an active participation of scientists affiliated with the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RAS). Moreover, these discoveries were predicted by Academicians ...

Modified: 25.06.2007
Trofimuk , oil , gas , oil and gas production , Siberia , East Siberia
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