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Himalayan Riders: Eye-Witness Report

... earrings worn by each horseman are similar to the ones we see on the Hephthalite coins. Before us is a totally original cultural layer, which, as we see it, dates back to an obscure period of Indian history connected with the invasion and rule of the Hephthalites (5th – 7th cc. CE), an ethnicity that was as enigmatic as powerful. We know of the three Hephthalite tribes that managed to fit in with the ecological and social environment of Northern India, which ensured their prosperity. They are Rajputs,...

Modified: 03.11.2017
Jammu and Kashmir , Himalayas , stone sculptures , Ephthalites , The Alchon Huns , Huns , archaeology , laser scanning , point cloud , 3D model of the objects , virtual reconstruction , interactive application
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