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Chinggis Khan in the Eye of the Third Millenium

Geneticists believe that every 200th person on the Earth can be a descendant of Chinggis Khan, who was famous not only for his victories but also for the extraordinary fertility. If the sight of the horse-tailed Mongolian banner streaming in the wind quickens up your heartbeat, you might have a grain of the immortal spirit of the Shaker of the Universe This happened in spring 1206 at the all-Mongol kurultai — a congress of noyons who arrived from all parts ...

Modified: 25.02.2007
Chingghis Khan , Mongolia , nomads , Eurasian steppes
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Under the Banner of Chinggis Khan

... stands among the greatest conquerors along with Alexander, Caesar and Napoleon. Who doesn’t know him? And though for many of our contemporaries Chinggis Khan is no more than a mythical character from the distant past, for the greater part of the Mongolian world his name is a major component of the modern ethnic culture. The words “Chinggis Khan” and “Mongol empire” have become mythologemes: that is, the classical myth with its plot, symbolism and ritual has been knowingly transferred ...

Modified: 25.02.2007
Chinggis Khan , Edzhen Khoro , Mongolia , nomads , Eurasian steppes
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The Place of Our Last Dwelling Should Be Here

... of Chinggis Khan?” was published in Logos, a local faculty wall paper. For more than a week it attracted crowds of students. It was the first and the last “publication” of the article. In the following 16 years its versions sent to Mongolia and Japan, when opportunity offered, disappeared completely, and the one sent to Uralsky sledopyt [Ural Track-seeker] came back. Since then the author has not tried to publish the article, though tracked publications on the topic. And, according ...

Modified: 25.02.2007
Chinggis Khan , Burhan-Khaldun , burial site , Rashid ad-Din , Onon , Kerulen , Mongolia , nomads , Eurasian steppes
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Cities Built by... Nomads

... Nevertheless, proper scholarly discovery of the ancient towns of Central Asian nomads took place at the end of the 19th century, when the expedition of the East-Siberian Department of the Russian Geographic Society headed by N. M. Yadrintsev came to Mongolia. In the valley of the Orkhon River in northern Mongolia, the explorers found, apart from stone steles with inscriptions and vast burial grounds, ruins of the ancient Uigurs city of Khara-Balgasun and of the Mongol capital Kharakhorum. In 1890 ...

Modified: 25.02.2007
Chinggis Khan , Mongolia , Central Asia , nomadic empires , nomadic peoples , ancient Mongolian cities , nomads , Eurasian steppes
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