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Oil: Heroes of Our Past... and Present. Farman Salmanov: Let Love for Our Common Homeland, Russia, Unite Us

... enrolled in the Azerbaijan Industrial Institute for the specialty of geological engineer and oil industry worker. During the years of his study, he managed to come to Siberia three times for geological practical training. How geologist Farman became a Siberian After graduating from the Institute, geologist Farman Salmanov, on Baibakov’s recommendation, was sent to the trust Zapsibneftegeologiya in Novosibirsk. Farman Kurbanovich — this is what his Siberian colleagues called him — took part in oil and gas prospecting in Kuzbass; first he headed a bore-group,...

Modified: 25.06.2007
Farman Salmanov , oil , gas , field , geology , Siberia , expedition
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