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Himalayan Riders: Eye-Witness Report

... anthropological feature of the population – ring, or occipital-frontal deformation. This kind of deformation was typical of Central Asian peoples in the 1st c. CE. In this region, the tradition was adopted by the nomads known under the umbrella term “Huns,” who spread it to Europe and India. The Hephthalite rulers’ coins show the same tabular napes and special shape of the skulls, which anthropologists attribute to an artificial deformity (Trofimova T.A. Coin depictions of Hephthalite rulers ...

Modified: 03.11.2017
Jammu and Kashmir , Himalayas , stone sculptures , Ephthalites , The Alchon Huns , Huns , archaeology , laser scanning , point cloud , 3D model of the objects , virtual reconstruction , interactive application
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