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The Chukotka expedition of I. P. Tolmachoff: in search of the Northern Route

In 2013, they celebrated a centenary of the discovery of a large archipelago called the Land of Emperor Nicholas II (since 1930, the Severnaya Zemlya) by the Geographical Expedition of the Arctic Ocean), which marked the finale of the Age of Discovery. This important event initiated the foundation, in 1914, of the standing Polar Commission at the Russian Academy of Sciences aimed at coordinating the investigations conducted by several ministries in the Arctic. Not many people, however, know that...

Modified: 01.09.2016
Nothern Sea Route , I.P. Tolmachoff , B.A. Vilkitsky , the Arctic Ocean Hydrographic Expedition , the Chukot Expedition 1909—1910 , North Siberia coast , Yakutia , Polar Сommission of the Academy of Sciences
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