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The Latukhin Book of Royal Degrees: History of the United State of Russia

... Tomsk find – the discovery of the oldest copy of “The Book of Degrees of Royal Genealogy.” Written in 1563, at the time of Ivan the Terrible, the book was the first attempt to present a general view of the history of the Kingdom of Moscovia within its ... ... publication was raised, the text of the great work remained unpublished. In 2011, Academician N N. Pokrovsky (Institute of History, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk) and Doctor of History A.V. Sirenov (Saint Petersburg State University) ...

Modified: 19.04.2013
Russian history (9—17 cc.) , Ivan the Terrible , the Time of Trouble , Ukraine , Kazan khanate , Siberia , the historiography of 9—17 cc. , Tikhon Zheltovodsky
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