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Mysterious Artefacts from archaeological sites and ethnographic complexes of the north of West Siberia

... Cosmos). Novosibirsk: Nauka, 1990 [in Russian]. Karacharov K. G. Antropomorfnye kukly s lichinami VIII—IX vv. iz okrestnostei Surguta // Materialy i issledovaniya po istorii Severo-Zapadnoi Sibiri (Materials and Studies on the History of Northwestern Siberia). Yekaterinburg: Ural. Gos. Univ., 2002. P. 26–52 [in Russian]. Nosilov K. D. U Vogulov (At Voguls. Essays and Sketches). St. Petersburg: Suvorin Publ., 1904 [in Russian]. Sokolova Z. P. Khanty i mansi: vzglyad iz XXI v. (Khaty and Masi: Looking from the 21st Century). Moscow: Nauka, 2009 [in Russian]. This work was supported by the Russian Science Foundation (project N 14-28-00045) пусто

Modified: 26.04.2016
mysteries , archeology , ryton , ethnography , Khanty , religion , worldview , Siberia
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An Iranian King in Service in Siberia

... dishes are considered to have been intended for coronation, they are believed to have been cast when a new ruler ascended to the throne. Museums all around the world have no more 35 silver Sassanid dishes. It is the first Sassanid dish discovered in West Siberia A few years ago we were on a field trip among the Khanty near the river of Synia, a left tributary of the Malaya Ob. The nearest town, Salekhard, was 300 km away. The Synia flows from the eastern slopes of the Urals; the river itself is one of the best-known routes that were taken by people and trade ...

Modified: 30.08.2010
Siberia , Khanty , ceremony , sanctuary , bowl , silver , Sassanids
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