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The Story of a Shaman Drum

Added to the ethnographic collection of the Museum of History and Culture of the Peoples of Siberia and Russian Far East at the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography SB RAS (Novosibirsk) is another exhibit - a drum of the Altai shaman Kondrat Tanashev. This musical and ritual instrument was kept at the home of the well-known film director Grigory M. Kozintsev. In 1930, he was making his film Alone in Gorny Altai, where he met Tanashev, an unusual person and adventurer, in a sense, but undoubtedly talented. The film director invited Kondrat to Leningrad and shot the episode in which the shaman was beating the drum. The very drum. This was ...

Modified: 30.08.2010
Altai , shamanism , drums , G.M. Kozintsev , L.Z. Trauberg , cinema , Alone
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