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From Arctida to the Present-Day Arctic

... in the direction from the New Siberian Islands through Chukotka and as far as the Brooks Range mountains in Alaska. Concurrently, the seafloor spreading ceased in the Canada Basin and the spreading centers began their motion from the Atlantic to the Arctic Ocean. The process was accompanied, first, by some blocks rifting off the Alpha–Mendeleev rise and then, 55–54 million years ago, by the continental blocks of the Lomonosov Ridge, from the Barents-Kara continental margin due to the changing spreading zone and opening of the Eurasian Basin. The incremented shelf to add value The continental origin of the Lomonosov Ridge has hardly stirred any disputes lately, as ...

Modified: 30.08.2015
Arctic , Arctic Ocean , geology of the Arctic region , Arctida , paleogeodynamic reconstruction , continental shelf , Lomonosov Ridge , Mendeleev Rise
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