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The mummy continues to reveal secrets

... tomography of the mummy of the young woman was made in 2010 in the International Tomography Center, SB RAS (Novosibirsk) at the Achieva Nova MRT ( Philips , 1.5 Tesla) Our journal (# 3/4 (57/58), 2014) published the article The Life and Death of the Altai Princess , which provided high field MRI data results of the mummy and evidence of severe cancer and a serious injury – dislocation of the right hip and damage of the right shoulder joint ( https://scfh.ru/en/news/the-life-and-death-of-the-altai-princess/ ). During the ongoing investigations,...

Modified: 02.03.2017
“frozen” graves , Altai , Ukok Plateau , Pazyryk , Pazyryk culture , MRI , woman mummy , Gorny Altai , Ukok
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The Life and Death of the Altai Princess

More than two decades have passed since the discovery of a mummified body of a young woman in a “frozen” sepulture on the Ukok plateau (1993), but the posthumous fate of the “Altai Princess,” the name she was given by the media, still remains a hot topic for discussion. The articles  On the Way to the Celestial Pastures  and Twenty Years After  by Natalia Polosmak, a Siberian archaeologist, present, for the first time,...

Modified: 02.09.2015
Altai , Ukok Plateau , Pazyryk culture , breast cancer , MRI , woman mummy , Altai Princess , Ukok Princess
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