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The Place of Our Last Dwelling Should Be Here

... identified. Even the old forest guards protecting this place cannot find the way to it.” (Rashid ad-Din, 1952, page 234). Where is Burhan-Khaldun? Rashid ad-Din was thus the only person to point to Chinggis Khan’s burial place — Burhan-Khaldun — in the chronicles he created between 1300 and 1310/11. Which region of Mongolia was known under this name at the beginning of the 14th century? Describing this mountain, Rashid ad-Din gave a detailed list of the rivers which sprang from it: the Kerulen from the southern side, the Onon from the east, the right tributaries ...

Modified: 25.02.2007
Chinggis Khan , Burhan-Khaldun , burial site , Rashid ad-Din , Onon , Kerulen , Mongolia , nomads , Eurasian steppes
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