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«On Paths of Which no One has Knowledge of Unseen Beasts there Lurk the Spoors...»

... Lady and the Unicorn . In the heraldic bestiary of medieval Europe a unicorn is one of the most common monsters and chimerical animals (Pastoureau, 2003). In this unchanged form, it has survived on the state coats of arms of Great Britain and Canada. Kylin bestowing a child Let us leave the European unicorn for a while and turn to its Chinese brother as it is most likely that the silver plates from the Mongolian Khunnu kurgans were made by Chinese craftsmen. There is strong evidence to suggest that this fact, not yet universally recognized, is true. Analogues of these plates have been discovered in the south – within the territory of Inner Mongolia,...

Modified: 30.12.2009
Xiongnu , diggings , Noin-Ula kurgans , Polosmak , Mongolia , horse harness , adornments , unicorn , kylin , silver plate
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