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«On Paths of Which no One has Knowledge of Unseen Beasts there Lurk the Spoors...»

... previously found in the world art. Such plates making part of horse trimmings have been discovered so far only in the 20th Noin-Ula kurgan excavated by the Russian-Mongolian expedition and in the 20th kurgan of the Gol Mod necropolis explored by the French-Mongolian expedition. In Chinese mythology a unicorn is exceptionally peaceful and noble animal, and its horn symbolizes national unity. Why this sacred symbol for Chinese has been found on the horse croups? May be decorations made by Chinese craftsmen were designated for Khunnu rulers in "educational" ...

Modified: 30.12.2009
Xiongnu , diggings , Noin-Ula kurgans , Polosmak , Mongolia , horse harness , adornments , unicorn , kylin , silver plate
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