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Searching for the Golden Antler Deer

... a small but clear and ringing rivulet of Art, which was due to become a mighty full-flow river. We only had to follow the curves of the rivulet farther and farther to meet the coming thousands of years: from the Art of Paleolithic to Neolithic, from Neolithic to the Bronze Age, and then to the Iron Age…* * A. P. Derevyanko, Searching for the Golden Antler Deer. Moscow, Sovetskaya Rossiya, 1980 Based on a profound semantic analysis, Okladnikov recognized the dominant images of the mythological world view of Siberian aborigines. Among its central figures аre the moose and red deer; its central plot is a giant hunter hunting a golden antler deer. Not only the deer’s fate but also the whole world and its inhabitants depend on the outcome of the hunt. The ...

Modified: 25.04.2007
Okladnikov , rock art , Neolithic , deer , Siberia , USSR Academy of Sciences
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