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Faces from the Past

... mounds of the Xiongnu elite allowed us to see real participants of historical events which took place two thousand years ago. It helped us to discover another aspect of life in this remote era, which has already become legendary In Noin Ula mound 20 (North Mongolia), along with many unique objects fragments of outer garments were discovered. They were found buried in water and clay at the bottom of the looted burial chamber. These fragments present several relatively large pieces of the garment’s ...

Modified: 18.12.2012
Noin-Ula , North Mongolia , Xiongnu , ancient textiles , silk , embroidery , costume
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History Embroidered in Wool

... the Sky, the Sun and the Moon – this is what the nomads’ life is about. Where does this exquisite fabric come from and what kind of history is embroidered on it? The very first explorations of the Noin-Ula Xiongnu burial kurgan (tumulus) in North Mongolia, conducted in 1924—1925 by an expedition of the famous traveler P. K. Kozlov, produced surprising results. Among the most amazing were fragments of embroidered woolen draping carpets, now kept at the Hermitage (St Petersburg, Russia)....

Modified: 10.04.2012
Noin-Ula , North Mongolia , Xiongnu , ancient wool textiles , Zoroastrians
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“We Drank Soma, We Became Immortal…”

Inside a deep Xiongnu grave hidden in the thickly wooded Sudzuktè pass, on the bottom of the burial chamber, archaeologists, participants of the Russian-Mongolian expedition, found what they had long been searching for: a layer of clay revealing the outline of textile relics. The fragments of the textile found were parts of a carpet composed of several cloths of dark-red woolen fabric. The time-worn cloth found on the floor covered with blue clay of the Xiongnu burial chamber and brought back to...

Modified: 30.08.2010
ancient textiles , Xiongnu , Divine mushroom , soma/haoma , Indo-Scythians , Indo-Parthians , psilocybin , North Mongolia
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The Kurgan for the Moon-faced

"Years, people and nations Go down the drain forever, Like running water." Velimir Khlebnikov Before the 20th century, this nomadic people was known only from the Chinese chronicles. Until now the issue of Xiongnu ancestors and origin of the Xiongnu ethnos remains debatable Before the 20th century, this nomadic people was known only from the Chinese chronicles. Until now the issue of Khunnu ancestors and origin of the Khunnu ethnos remains debatable. According to the Chinese chronicles...

Modified: 30.08.2009
Xiongnu , Noin-Ula , Xiongnu burial mounds , 20th Noin-Ula burial mound , archaeological digs , archarology , North Mongolia , N.V. Polosmak , chanyui , anthropological material , enamel cases of teeth , Parphia , embroidered textile , felt carpet , merlon
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