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A Town of Passionarians

Almost a century ago, in the 1920-30s, a special commission of the USSR Academy of Sciences on the organization of regional affiliates denied the request of local governments in Siberia and the Far East of the country to create local affiliate divisions. The stated reason was that it was impossible “to deploy Academicians to the specified cities without the destruction of the Academy of Sciences as such, and selecting new Academicians, forcing them to live and work in a specified city, is impossible...

Modified: 26.10.2017
SB RAS , Novosibirsk Akademgorodok , mantle plumes , subduction , kimberlites , diamonds , oil , gas
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The capitals have been abandoned …

Today, it is scarcely imaginable that a native of Moscow quits a well-paid job and comfy apartment and moves to Siberia, which is a four-hour flight from the capital. And not to today’s Siberia with its cities having populations exceeding one million and developed infrastructure of entertainments but to the Siberia where one goes not on one’s own free will but is deported under guard. In the 1960s, the voluntary move of Academician M. A. Lavrentiev and his adherents, young researchers and their families...

Modified: 26.10.2017
Novosibirsk Akademgorodok , Golden Valley , Presidium of SB RAS , Chairman of SB RAS
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