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Searching for the Golden Antler Deer

... expeditions had to get through waist-high in snow. At that time, academician Okladnikov was nearly seventy… The pupils and followers of academician Okladnikov constitute a separate scientific school, which continues the study of the ancient art of Siberia and Central Asia. The productivity of Okladnikov’s research strategy is quite evident today, as well as the fact that the process of art studying is endless and every generation of scientists will search for different approaches to the phenomenon. D. V. Cheremisin, Candidate of history ...

Modified: 25.04.2007
Okladnikov , rock art , Neolithic , deer , Siberia , USSR Academy of Sciences
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The Sword of the Carolingians

... Pavlovich’s thought concerning Ermak would not leave me in peace. I finished the work in a short time, and one of the issues of The Proceedings of the Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences published my article The Discovery of a Sword in Western Siberia , in 1976; this article is still in demand. In spring 1977, Academician Okladnikov left on a business trip for Leningrad. The invitation to take part in the trip was unexpected but very important for me. Okladnikov decided that I should give a presentation to the Leningrad Division of the Institute of Archaeology of the USSR ...

Modified: 30.01.2005
sword , Okladnikov , excavations , Siberia
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