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The Place of Our Last Dwelling Should Be Here

... Chinggis Khan’s grave was situated in Transbaikal area, Professor M. I. Rizhsky came to the conclusion that “though the place of his burial is not known for certain, there is no doubt that it should be somewhere near the sources of the rivers Onon and Kerulen, that is to say, on the Mongolian territory, but neither in the Chita oblast nor in Buryatia” (M. I. Rizhsky, 1965, p. 155) The hypothesis that Chinggis Khan’s grave should be looked for in the Khentey mountains was also proposed by the historian E. I. Kychanov (1973,...

Modified: 25.02.2007
Chinggis Khan , Burhan-Khaldun , burial site , Rashid ad-Din , Onon , Kerulen , Mongolia , nomads , Eurasian steppes
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