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Following Gerhard Friedrich Mueller's Route

... The Ob Ostyaks make boats of aspen trees that grow in abundance along the river up to Berezovo Shor-Kara, or Shorkarskii churchyard, is situated 41 versts away from Kodsk Monastery. There is the Church of The Image Not-Made-By-Hands built for the Ostyaks, attached to which are, besides the dwellings for the clergy, 10 winter and 11 summer jurts of the Shorkarskaya volost (district) (G. F. Mueller). Malyi Atlym Steep hills covered with Siberian pine, bluish grey berries of juniper, chestnut Boletus luteus mushrooms on a thick layer of fallen needles, land rich in antiquities, and people with lavish heart. They say that there are places where one would like to die. In Malyi Atlym, one ...

Modified: 30.01.2006
Gerhard Friedrich Mueller , Siberia , Ob , church , expedition , Ostyaks , Second Kamchatka expedition
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