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The mummy continues to reveal secrets

... winter pasture two and a half thousand years ago. Shot by a participant of the expedition Doctor of History V. Mylnikov, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, SB RAS, 1993 [in Russian] For the first time in over a hundred years during which the Pazyryk culture of Gorny Altai has been studied, a “frozen” grave (dated 4th century BC) of a noble Pazyryk woman left unscathed by robbers was discovered. Together with her were buried six horses, and the intersection of her wooden burial chamber became a grave for a man ...

Modified: 02.03.2017
“frozen” graves , Altai , Ukok Plateau , Pazyryk , Pazyryk culture , MRI , woman mummy , Gorny Altai , Ukok
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The Ukok Female Warrior Has Changed Sex # New paleogenetic data on the bearers of the Pazyryk culture (Gorny Altai)

... zoloto grify» (ak-alakhinskie kurgany) (“The Griffons Guarding the Gold” (Ak-Alakha Burial Mounds)). Novosibirsk: Nauka, 1994, pp.16–60 [in Russian]. Rudenko, S.I. Kul'tura naseleniya Gornogo Altaya v skifskoe vremya (The Culture of the Gorny Altai Population in the Scythian Period), Moscow, 1953 [in Russian]. Chikisheva T.A. The Pazyryk culture. In: Drevnie kul'tury Bertekskoi doliny (Ancient Cultures of the Bertek Valley). Novosibirsk: Nauka, 1994, pp.167–173 [in Russian]. This publication uses images from the book: Polosmak N.V. Vsadniki Ukoka (The Riders of Ukok) , Novosibirsk: ...

Modified: 01.12.2015
Amazon , Ukok , Altai , Altai Mountains , Pazyryk culture , Pazyryk , anthropology , paleogenetics , Ak-Alakha 1 , weapons
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The Life and Death of the Altai Princess

More than two decades have passed since the discovery of a mummified body of a young woman in a “frozen” sepulture on the Ukok plateau (1993), but the posthumous fate of the “Altai Princess,” the name she was given by the media, still remains a hot topic for discussion. The articles  On the Way to the Celestial Pastures  and Twenty Years After  by Natalia Polosmak, a Siberian archaeologist, present, for the first time,...

Modified: 02.09.2015
Altai , Ukok Plateau , Pazyryk culture , breast cancer , MRI , woman mummy , Altai Princess , Ukok Princess
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