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Ancient Fashion: Leggings from Steppe Leader’s Wardrobe

... You can read about this and other unique archeological finds from the Xiongnu mound in the latest issue of  SCIENCE First Hand The leggings are part of the unique finds made in 2012 by an expedition organized by researchers from Novosibirsk and Mongolia under the guidance of the famous Russian archaeologist  Natalia Polosmak  (Institute of Archaeology SB RAS) when they excavated a burial ground of a representative of the highest Xiongnu nobility. The Xiongnu were an ancient nomadic nation who created the world's first nomadic empire and proved to be a dangerous ...

Modified: 02.11.2015
ancient people , Xiongnu , steppe , nomads , Mongolia , fashion , clothing , embroidery , Polosmak , reconstruction
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«On Paths of Which no One has Knowledge of Unseen Beasts there Lurk the Spoors...»

... people who founded the first nomadic empire. Until quite recently they have been known exclusively from Chinese Chronicles. Only in the early 20th century the richest burials of the representatives of Xiongnu nobility have been found in the northern Mongolia. New diggings at the Khunnu tsars' kurgans in Mongolia have unearthed remarkable silver plates which are horse harness adornments. Standing out among them are artifacts with original depictions of a fantastic animal, the unicorn, which had not ...

Modified: 30.12.2009
Xiongnu , diggings , Noin-Ula kurgans , Polosmak , Mongolia , horse harness , adornments , unicorn , kylin , silver plate
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