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News from the Fields

... pit interior, as some traces of their former content are in place. Doctor of History N. V. Polosmak, Candidate of History Ye. S. Bogdanov (Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk) The Russian-Mongolian expedition, Noin-Ula, July 2011 The project was supported by the Russian Foundation for Humanities (RGNF), Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFFI) Photos used in the publication are the courtesy of L. Kundo, Ye. Bogdanov, N. Polosmak, and R. Ibragimova (Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography SB RAS, Novosibirsk)....

Modified: 10.04.2012
Mongolia , Noin-Ula burial , Xiongnu , Russian-Mongolian expedition , bronze ornamentals , ceramics
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