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Nomads' Gold. On the "Siberian Collection" of Peter I

... and sensibly ornamented that I don’t think European craftsmen could have managed better.” In his book, the scholar mentions the silver cup given to him by the boyar F. A. Golovin. Golovin had taken possession of the cup when he was going through Siberia to China for negotiations. In the place where the Irtysh fell into the Ob, the eroded bank revealed an ancient burial with silver bracelets and a cup. This vessel was shown in a geographic table made by a Dutch draftsman on Witsen’s order with a view to depicting how the rarities he had collected looked....

Modified: 30.10.2006
Peter I , Peter the Great , Siberia , Tobolsk , antiquities , gold , Nikolaas Witsen , archaeological finds , Ob , Irtysh
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