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The Latukhin Book of Royal Degrees: History of the United State of Russia

... Events that Happened in the Reigning Town of Moscow and of Unfrocked Monk Grishka Otrepiev… In wide chronological frames, the book also used Savva Yesipov’s chronicle On Siberia and on Taking over Siberia together with its continuation in The Siberian Chronicle as well as some proceedings from Nizhny Novgorod, Astrakhan and Nogai. “Gloomy years” of Ivan the Terrible’s reign An invaluable corpus of historical events is contained in the 17th “degree” of The Latukhin Book of Degrees, dedicated to the “gloomy” period of the reign of Ivan IV, which began in the 1560s and ended with his death ...

Modified: 19.04.2013
Russian history (9—17 cc.) , Ivan the Terrible , the Time of Trouble , Ukraine , Kazan khanate , Siberia , the historiography of 9—17 cc. , Tikhon Zheltovodsky
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