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Nomads' Gold. On the "Siberian Collection" of Peter I

... sovereign’s supplier of golden artefacts became the Governor or Siberia, Prince Matvey Petrovich Gagarin, a rich grand and a noted character in the Tsar’s intimate circle. It was in Tobolsk, the then capital of Siberian province, that a great part of the objects from the Siberian collection was kept; in line with the Tsar’s instructions, they were subsequently transported to St. Petersburg, in small batches. In the notes of Dalmtovsky Uspensky monastery there is evidence that as early as in 1712 the voevoda (commander) ...

Modified: 30.10.2006
Peter I , Peter the Great , Siberia , Tobolsk , antiquities , gold , Nikolaas Witsen , archaeological finds , Ob , Irtysh
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Following Gerhard Friedrich Mueller's Route

... of Siberia; as well as white tablecloths in the university cafeteria… Oktyabrskoye In the 15th-16th centuries Oktyabrskoye was called Koda, and was, in a sense, the center of the territorial-tribal union of the Khanti and Mansi peoples of the lower Ob basin. After Ermak had conquered Siberia, the settlement of Kodsk, a fortification with a Cossack military unit, was established on that site. Kodsk Trinity Monastery, which is located on the right bank, has two wooden churches, Trinity and Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin. At the ...

Modified: 30.01.2006
Gerhard Friedrich Mueller , Siberia , Ob , church , expedition , Ostyaks , Second Kamchatka expedition
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