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Russian Siberians and Alcohol. Based on the Papers of the Second Kamchatka Expedition

... reached its destination, it was turned into “plain wine” through dilution. For example, the Senate’s decree on fitting out the Second Kamchatka expedition led by V. Bering said, “ Until there is bread, double bread wine should be brought from Yakutsk as it is more convenient for transportation, the way they did it in the old times to carry wine from Russia to Siberia. Double wine should then be diluted with boiled water to the strength of plain wine.” The technology of vodka production was described in detail by Gmelin — to get familiarized with it, Mueller and Gmelin paid a visit to a state distillery ...

Modified: 30.12.2006
Siberia , Second Kamchatka expedition , Steller , Gmelin , alcohol , vodka , wine , Irkutsk , Yakutsk , Kamchatka
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