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Following Gerhard Friedrich Mueller's Route

... the center of the richest oil-producing region of Russia. Samaravskii Yam, coachman’s outskirts of town, is located on the east bank, 17 versts from the mouth of the Irtysh River. There is a two-storied church, the top floor of which is meant for church service in the summer, while the ground floor was intended for religious services in the winter. There are 111 homesteads, 93 out of which are coachmen’s. By the time of the Siberian governor grand duke Gagarin, this station looked almost like a town. By the example of other Siberian towns, an uyezd (a district) was added to it that consisted both of Russian villages and settlements and Ostyks’ volosts (G. F. Mueller) ...

Modified: 30.01.2006
Gerhard Friedrich Mueller , Siberia , Ob , church , expedition , Ostyaks , Second Kamchatka expedition
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