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The Ilimsk Crucifix

... honest people who kept it and gave it to specialists. After our Institute’s Museum of History and Culture of Siberian Nations, founded by Alexey Pavlovich Okladnikov and visited by numerous guests of Akademgorodok, has been reconstructed, the Ilimsk crucifix is sure to take its due place in the ethnographic exhibition. I also hope that experts on ancient cult sculpture of Siberia will give it special attention and study it. Indeed, the work is worth it! And then, in Ilimsk, in the far and dear 1985, there was an inexpressible joy of discovery of the invaluable finding and an imperishable desire to admire it… Right before ...

Modified: 30.03.2006
archaeological excavations , Siberia , Angara region , Ilim Ostrog , crucifix , cross
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