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Chokhryn-oyka – “Dragonfly Old Man,” “Knife Old Man” – a forest doctor, official, lifeguard # Taiga sanctuaries of a Mansi deity

... to the protection it offers to the Mansi’s most important trades: hunting, deer breeding and fishing, as well as to its well-known healing talents. References Baulo A. V. Sacred places and attributes of the Northern Mansi in the early 21 st century: an Ethnography Album. Khanty-Mansiysk. Yekaterinburg. Basko. 2013. P. 208, illustrated. Gemuev I. N., Baulo A. V. Mansi sanctuaries of the upper reaches of the Severnaya Sosva. Novosibirsk: Izd. IAEt SO RAN. 1999. P. 240. Nosilov K. D. With the Voguls....

Modified: 16.12.2016
Mansi , ethnography , Siberia , deity , holy place
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Mysterious Artefacts from archaeological sites and ethnographic complexes of the north of West Siberia

Archaeology and ethnography are for romantics, who get an opportunity to explore something unusual, unique and hitherto unknown. Such finds are ... ... restraining their wild imagination Several years ago, a massive plate forged of white bronze was found in the north of West Siberia. It is a classical example of the famous Permian animal style, which was flourishing in the second half of the first millennium ...

Modified: 26.04.2016
mysteries , archeology , ryton , ethnography , Khanty , religion , worldview , Siberia
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