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Publication in Amsterdam of the Work on Russian Geographic Discoveries

... currently being published. 8  5. Description of the Caspian Sea from the seventh volume. This is in addition to what the scholars will consider of interest to the public. You will not be disappointed.” 9 With reference to publishing the materials on Siberian history, Rey wrote to Müller as early as January 10, 1764: “I have received, Herr, a letter from the friend to whom I had sent the German edition of Sammlung russischer Geschichte. He finds it highly interesting, and he has translated almost ...

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Russian geographical discoveries , cartography , publishing , Siberian history , Kamchatka , Kuril and Aleutian Islands
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First Ladies. The Province of Siberia, 19th Century

In Western Europe and in America, the so-called women’s studies formed into a separate branch of knowledge as far back as in the late 1960s — early 1970s. Today, looking at a historical epoch with women’s eyes will not surprise anyone. Having freed itself from radical feminism, so characteristic of women’s studies at the onset, this branch of learning has been progressing quickly, and you can see it on the curricula of hundreds of educational institutions. In Russian historic literature, “women’s...

Modified: 25.06.2007
Siberia , governor , wife , governor's wife , woman , Siberian history
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